Black Tie Gaming

Keeping it classy since 2012.

About Black Tie Gaming Now

Black Tie Gaming is a gaming community born from the DayZ focused UFP Network

About a year ago we decided that it was time we expanded our coverage beyond DayZ and started offering posts on other games but still with an eye on survival gaming.

Since then we've worked hard to maintain engagement in our posts but feel that we can give back more...

Black Tie Gaming - The Future

Our focus for the future is to build a community.

We want to build fun places to play driven by you guys.
We don't want to sit at Facebook, Twitter or Youtube and just see comments rolling in, we want to be online and playing with you, in Discord chatting with you but mostly making sure you've got somewhere and someone to play games with.

But how do we plan on doing that? Our plan is by the end of 2016 to have a number of servers online including Arma3 Exile, Rust, CSGO Surf and a community Discord server.

If you'd like to help, get involved or have ideas for another server hit us up on Facebook

Contact Black Tie Gaming

Your best way to get hold of us is on Facebook